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Aquathin Reverse Osmosis + Deionization countertop water filter eliminates water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, salts, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria, viruses and hard water minerals.

All AQUATHIN® systems encompass sophisticated design and technique for the highest efficiency available.
Maintenance is minimal allowing us to give you the finest warranty in the industry.

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Aquathin Counter-Top system requires no electricity.
The only requirement is adequate water pressure. This unit is designed to operate within a pressure range of 40–100PSI. The amount of purified water produced depends

Aquathin Exclusive Lifetime Warranty for parts.
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Under most normal city water conditions, the Aquathin Carb 12 is designed to function properly for 12 months, and should be replaced annually. Sediment Concentrations vary greatly between municipal systems so there is no way of determining the lifetime of a filter without knowing more about the feed water. In some very rare cases, it may be necessary to replace the pre-filter more frequently.

Your Authorized Aquathin Dealer will register your warranty card and purchase with Aquathin Corporation. Every year upon the anniversary of your installation, Aquathin Corporation and your Aquathin Dealer will mail or email an Annual Service Reminder to have your system inspected and serviced if necessary. Also, with identical feed water pressure, the production rate should remain fairly constant. If your system begins to produce water at a much faster rate, the RO membrane may have failed. If your system is producing water at a much lower rate, replacing the pre-filter is often indicated. To monitor the overall system rejection rate, the best method is to obtain either a resistivity meter or TDS meter from your Authorized Aquathin Dealer.

No, the body does not readily assimilate the minerals found in drinking water which are dissolved rock and “inorganic”. We obtain the majority of our minerals from the foods we eat. There are many, many more chelated minerals in a piece of organic fruit or a serving of organic vegetables than in gallons of water.

Yes! Hot water over 100° F (37°C) will damage the membrane and cause poor rejection of the contaminants in your water. Make sure you use only COLD water in your Aquathin system