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Canadian Water Treatment Center began in the business of water treatment over 17 years ago with a major goal of serving ∧ educating our clients in the residential, commercial & industrial markets on the wide topic of water quality and safety by our professional team. We are Authorized Dealer of AQUATHIN CORPORATION in Canada and The Middle East (Iraq). Our systems, Filters and replacement elements in The Middle East-Iraq still operating since 2004 with full efficiency in hard water condition (with TDS more than 800ppm).


AQUATHINŽ CORP. was founded in March of 1980 and formulated from a single concept that we are going to produce the most effective water purification system available. Since the beginning AQUATHINŽ had acquired a patent for its unique treatment system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION. And over Aquathin's 30+ Years Pure Excellence, we have earned seven patents. At AQUATHINŽ, we have listened to the important feedback from our Dealers and from their input, developed the finest water filtration, conditioning and treatment systems for residential, commercial and laboratory applications. All AQUATHINŽ systems encompass sophisticated design and technique for the highest efficiency available.We are the Exclusive Authorized Dealer of AQUATHIN CORPORATION in Canada and The Middle East (Iraq).

Aquathin produces over 70 proprietary and trademarked devices for markets around the world. Aquathin manufactures a broad spectrum of unique and patented water purification, softening and filtration systems servicing the residential, commercial and laboratory markets. Aquathin is an E.P.A.

Registered manufacturer (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01),ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008 Certified and recipient of both the prestigious President's Excellence & E Star Award in Export from the U.S. Commerce Department and the Nation's Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Aquathin purification, softening and filtration products are made in the USA and are WQA Quality and Efficiency Gold Seal Certified.


Is Your Family Drinking Water that is Legally Safe, but not Totally Safe?


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